Reviews “The End of Humanity”

This is a solid slab of pure, war-induced rage. It’s as maliciously slow and steady as a panzer division rolling over an army of unarmed children and every bit as malicious.
(Wormwood Chronicles)

I think those who enjoy Bolt Thrower, Benediction or, Humiliation (Mys) will find this suit your musical taste. Mid tempo Death Metal, with groove and definitely, heavy all the way.
(Dissecting the Euphony, 11-12-2013)

If one loves Bolt Thrower, Benediction and newer bands such as Humiliation, Warmaster‘s brand new release will definitely not disappoint, for the war and destruction-hungry hearts out there.
(Heavy Metal Tribune, 20-11-2013)

You can tell from this release that Warmaster is dedicated to making 100% traditional death metal that sounds just the way that grandma used to make in her underground fortress of misery.
(New Noise Magazine, 14-11-2013, 3/5)

“The End of Humanity” is the second full length from this death metal bastard. It takes the best of its mother’s ability at creating a driving DM groove, but from its father it gets its talent for ultra slow, atmospheric chugging and creating a riff that sticks in your head.
(Eternal Terror, 30-10-2013, 5/6)

If you like warmongering classic death Metal you should find this interesting if not enjoyable; it’s well constructed, well performed and highly listenable especially if you crank the volume up high.
(, 4,5/5)

“…een elf nummers lang durende westerse cultuurles in death metal idioom, gegeven door mannen met lang haar, die zelf na ruim twintig jaar death metal geschiedenis ervoor kiezen om het eerste hoofdstuk nog eens voor te lezen. Old school death in de beste traditie van Grave, Benediction, ons eigen Asphyx en natuurlijk Bolt Thrower.
(Lords Of Metal, 74/100)

While The End of Humanity tapers off into songs that are slightly more experimental and more sparse and drawn out, the intense roiling wave of power from the first half carries through and makes the whole an enjoyable experience. 
(Death Metal Underground, 24-10-2013)

There’s more to Death Metal than just blasting. Discover the banner of Warmaster and let them lead you to victory.
(Wonderbox Metal, 20-10-2013)

Bands like Warmaster just punch you in the face with power and sonic nightmares. … Load your weapons and let the war machines approach this is the age of Warmaster!!!!!
(Absolute Zero Media)

“The great thing about this album is that it gets more and more aggressive ‘n’ savage from one song to another. … I’m sure this release will propel “Warmaster” to a new level in the death metal scene.”
(Destructive Music)

“In my opinion Warmaster are a very great sounding mid paced, old school death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out t his album.”
(The True Bringer Of Death Zine, 26-09-2013)

“A good death metal album which will be liked by fans from Bolt Thrower and Benediction.”
(Markus’ Heavy Music Blog, 26-09-2013, 7/10)